Artemas is one of the leaders of the Guardians and the adoptive brother of Ariel.

Voiced by Matt Shipman


Artemas is a young man with sea green eyes and short, black hair.

As a Fish Faunus, he also has patches light blue scales on his arms and shoulders, protruding fins on his forearms, and webbed hands and feet.


Like his sister, Artemas has a strong passion for adventure and exploration. However, he is slightly more cautious and makes a point to hide himself when humans are around.

Unlike his adoptive father, Artemas believes there is good in humans, especially after witnessing the compassion of humans he witnessed during his "research trips" to the docks. However, he is also aware of how people (even merfolk) treat others who are different from them.

Like his adoptive father, Artemas has a fierce temper when provoked. However, when people are hurt because of it, he blames himself and seeks to make things right. This factor is what leads to his deal with Ursula the sea witch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit